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Earthing Body Band Kit

Earthing Body Band Kit

Earthing Body Band Kit

Brand Earthing
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Earthing body band kits each come with two elastic, adjustable bands – one for ankle or wrist, another for knee, shoulder, or elbow. You can use a band at night while sleeping or during the day while working or relaxing. You can use instead of, or in addition to, an Earthing sheet or mat. The accompanying Earthing coil cord permits some mobility, for instance, should you wish to be grounded while doing yoga.
Kit Includes
  • 2 Small Orange Body Bands
  • 2 Coil Cords
  • 1 Outlet Checker
  • 1 Cotton Pouch

  • Directions for use and care 
    How to set up your Earthing body bands  
    1. Choose the size band you want to use at any one time. The small band is placed around foot or ankle, the medium band around knee, thigh, shoulder, or elbow, and the larger band around midsection. The inner (whitish color) lining of the bands, including the metal plate, is conductive, and needs to be in contact with bare skin.    
    2. Insert one end of Earthing cord into ground port of a properly grounded wall outlet (third hole) or connect to cord of an Earthing ground rod placed in the Earth outside. 
    3. Snap other end of cord onto the Earthing band. 
    4. Anytime you use a band, don’t forget to disconnect the cord if you have to leave the room.  It’s easy to forget you are connected!!!

    How to care for your Earthing body bands
    Do not use the bands on parts of your body where you have applied any creams and lotions, as these substances can reduce conductivity and oxidize silver fibers

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