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Apr 18, 2014
Quantum Max Stress-B 2oz Liquid April Special
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Quantum Max Stress-B 2oz Liquid Special
B Vitamins are crucial to human health. While each of the B vitamins have some distinct functions, as a group they support  brain, liver, heart and adrenal health as well as rejuvenation for memory, energy, blood, and mood balance.
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Max Stress B Vitamin, 2oz Liquid Special Max Stress B Vitamin, 2oz Liquid Special
Serving Size: ˝ teaspoon (2.5 ml)
Servings Per Container: about 23
Thiamin(VitaminB1, Thiamin Cocarboxylate) 1.7 mg 113%
Riboflavin (Vit B2 as Riboflavin-5-phosphate) 1.5mg 94%
Vitamin b6 (Pyridoxal-5, pyriodoxamine-5, Phosphate) 3mg 150%
Folate (Folinic acid) (5-methyl, formyl tetrahydrofolate) 1000 mcg 250%
Vitamin b12 (5 Deoxyadenosylcobalamin) 263mcg 4,383%
Biotin (D-biotin form) 334mcg 111%
Pantothenic Acid (VitaminB5) as pantetheine, pantothenic acid, pantetheine (mononucleotide, 4-phosphate) 3mg 33%
PABA (para Aminobenzoic Acid) 50mg
Inositol (Inositol Hexanicotinate) 30mg
Proprietary Blend: …………………………..142mg
Sacchormyces Cerevisiae, Bifidobacterium Species (Breve ss.breve, infantis ss. Infantatis, longum), Enerococcus Species (faecalis TH10, faecium), Lactobacillus Species( acidophilus, bulgaricus, casei ss. Casei, Fermentum, helveticus ss. Jagurti, pantarum), Streptococcus, therm.
Other ingredients: purified water, Certified Organic Alcohol.
Max Stress B is known as the world’s first and only truly living B vitamin Complex available!
Derived from proprietary patent-pending technology using special, healthy probiotic strains, these B vitamins provide maximum stress protection, anti-aging benefits, instantaneous energy boost, brain rejuvenation, heart health and mood balance.

Because of its liquid oral delivery system, Max Stress B offers an instant feeling of well being and better mental clarity. No amount of synthetic B vitamins can deliver the super energy boost you will experience with just 1/2 teaspoon of Max Stress B Nano-Plex. In fact it has been proven in clinical studies to outperform the B 12 shots!

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Aloe Arborescens Formula 16oz Special Short term Bonus Special Aloe Arborescens Formula 16oz Bonus Special
The Aloe arborescens species: known to promote highly effective immune support.* 50% Aloe arborescens supplement with the complete array of Aloe’s inherent beneficial properties, and calcium bentonite for complementary detoxification properties. Unheated and completely intact, it is superior to other forms. Promotes healthy blood, cardiovascular, colon and immune system health*


doTerra Introductory Kit

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dōTERRA Essential Oils
Enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils from dōTERRA!

Using essential oils can be a safe, effective, pleasing and immediate natural approach to support optimal health.

Using herbs in the form of essential oils can be 70 times more effective than using it in dry herb form. For example one drop of a therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil contains the concentration of active compounds found in 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Versatility of Essential Oils:
  • Aromatherapy: Fill your home with natural, healing scents to gain greater health and feel an immediate uplift.
  • Topical: All of the oils can be used topically for benefit to the skin itself or to promote healing inside the body. Great for babies and the elderly who may not be able to use herbs in any other way.
  • Internal: Many of the oils can be used internally as a dietary supplement to support optimal health.  

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    *Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. Practice at your own risk and gain. Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Quantum State-Nutrients Without the Risk
    • No Magnesium Stearate, a toxic hydrogenated oil proven to suppress the immune system
    • No Animal Glandular's, with toxic tag-alongs and animal death hormones
    • No Tablets with toxic tag-along binders and fillers
    • No Excipients, highly questionable (often toxic) fillers and binders called excipients are commonly added to nutritional products
    No Corn, Junk milk, soy(few products have Soy Extracts), white salt, white sugar, wheat gluten, yeast, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or gluten.

    100% Living Source
    -No Synthetics!
    100% Solvent Free Vegetable Cellulose Capsules.
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    April Special:
    Max Stress B Vitamin, 2oz Liquid Special
    Max Stress B Vitamin, 2oz Liquid Special
    Max Stress B offers an instant feeling of well being and better mental clarity. The only living source B Vitamin Complex commercially produced.
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