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Children’s Health

It is fairly simple to significantly improve the health of a child with a few simple foundational basics. Each and every human no matter the age needs a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids each and every single day to provide the building blocks for growth, repair, proper development and good body function.

Minerals are crucial for the great health and toxic chemical protection. Life essential electrical current happen when there are sufficient minerals in the body. Also other vitamins and nutrients cannot be absorbed unless we have sufficient minerals in the body. 
Salt is essential for providing the building blocks for healthy stomach acid production for superior digestion and proper first line of defense for staving off pathogenic invaders. Also the adrenals cannot function with salt. The adrenals are responsible for fluid balance, inflammation control and sustaining energy through the day. For those children who are hyperactive, explosive or have a hard time focusing often adrenal imbalance or deficiency is a huge player. The Pink Salt, Premier 12 oz Granules alone is usually the most important addition to a child’s daily nutrition for superior health.
The Greens Mix, Quantum 8oz Powder contains ample amounts of every known nutrient essential for life including vitamin, mineral, co-factor and enzymes. If your child refuses to eat vegetables this can provide them with these life essential components that may be missing from the daily diet.   
You may consider adding Coral Calcium Quantum 2oz Powder as an additional source of high quality alkaline minerals.

Each cell wall, neural pathways and neural receptor sites in the brain are made from oils from our diet. Often without a superior source of oil the body does its best with more junky quality oils that are more commonly consumed today. Can you imagine making a good cell wall or a good neural pathway out of fried, hydrogenated or trans-fatty oil? What happens in this case is that the cell wall is more brittle, fragile and rigid allowing easy penetration of toxins and pathogens and inferior capacity to absorb nutrition. Also the neural receptor sites and pathways become misshapen resulting in inferior brain function and development .
Use the EFA Oil Blend, Q. 8oz Liquid  which is a premier concentrated source of essential fatty acids with an ideal ratio of Omega 3, 6, and 9 oils with GLA (gamma linolenic acid). It is a combo of clinically proven, superior, life-essential fatty acids for a super healthy body and brain.
DHA (docosahexanoic acid) is a key Omega-3 fatty acid, important for the brain, nerves, blood, eyes, mental acuity and memory for all ages, from babies to grown-ups. While some individuals have the capacity to convert sufficient DHA from the EFA oil Blend other do not.  To ensure sufficient DHA levels for your child DHA consider adding 1 capsule a day of DHA, Quantum 60Vcaps. DHA supports optimum maintenance and development of healthy brain and nerve tissue, including walking ability, motor coordination, ability to learn, healthy moods and more.

Immune System Support
The basic foundational nutrition particularly the pink salt is essential for immune function. The pink provides the building blocks for HCL production in the stomach which is a first line of defense for foreign invaders. It not only allows for optimal digestive and GI tract health but also for health of the sinuses, lungs, and more.

For optimal immune function addColostrum, Quantum 60 Vcaps to the basic foundational supplementation. This product provides broad-spectrum immune system support with a whopping 21% minimum immunoglobulins.  Also colostrum contains healing sugars, necessary for optimal human physiology and growth promoting brain development, learning, memory and enhanced performance. Add this to juice or smoothies daily. 
Also consider adding D3 Gold, Quantum Nutrition Labs .46 fl oz. Vitamin D is absolutely required for each and every immune cell to function as well as essential for mineral absorption. Vitamin D supports many body systems including healthy bone, nerves, heart, brain, lung, esophagus, breasts, colon, stomach, pancreas, prostate, uterus, ovaries, and kidneys.

Age 0-2 years old
Importance of Breastfeeding
Ideally each and every child would be breastfed as nature intended for 18-24 months. This is by far superior to any other food the child could possibly eat. Formulas are often loaded with toxins, high fructose corn syrup and synthetically produced vitamins that are hard to assimilate. No formula on the planet can provide what breast milk can. In fact there are even yet to be fully understood reasons why a child thrives on breast milk compared to those on formula even if a formula contains all the vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. found in breast milk.

Optimally nutritious breast milk
The best way for an infant to gain optimal health and growth is if the nursing mother is providing herself with quality ingredients for ideal breast milk. What we recommend is that the mother consumes the Nursing Mothers Nutrition kit which contains ingredients for superior breast milk.

Increasing milk production
If a woman is having difficulty producing sufficient breast milk then the mother would take double the dosages of the products within Nursing mother nutrition kit in order to produce an abundance of breast milk.  Some women report they went from producing none to beginning to produce almost too much!

Colic is linked to failure to breastfeed and a toxic liver. Need to eliminate commercial baby formula (usually toxic and indigestible ingredients). If a child is being breast fed then the mother may be consuming foods that are disturbing to the bay such as beans, dairy, artificial ingredients.
For an infant with colic consider giving the child Colostrum (1-2 teaspoons a day for child and same amount for mother if breastfeeding) and 1 cap probiotic (squeeze out the contents into some fluid for the infant). 

Baby’s First Foods
For the baby’s first foods other than breast milk, it is best to start with a smoothie containing nutrient superfoods. Also prepare the baby’s other solid foods from fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid food from cans and jars that are highly processed, cooked and loaded with toxins.  Eliminate commercial foods, fried foods, those with excitotoxins etc.

Older children
With older children introduce or keep up the previously established practice of a daily superfood smoothie to start your child’s day off with the best nutrition on the planet. 


Apple Cider Vinegar, Qultured Quantum 120Vcaps

Quantum Qultured Apple Cider Vinegar capsules offers the most pristine, all natural, organically cultured Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) created with our signature probiotic-cultured technology. It delivers all of the outstanding benefits of low temperature, air-dried apple cider vinegar, wrapped up into a convenient capsule form.
Centuries of Use with Outstanding Probiotic and Postbiotic Benefits!


Children's Foundation Kit

Containing ample amounts of every known nutrient essential for life including vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, essential fatty acid oils, proteins and B vitamins, this kit is the place to start to support optimal health for every child. Aids in improving in basic overall health, focus, energy balance, brain development, growth, digestion, learning ability, coordination, mood balance, sleep, immune function and more.

Kit (1) Greens 10oz Powder
(1) EFA Oil 8oz Liquid
(1) Nutritional Yeast Flakes
(1) Pink Salt 12oz
Max Stress B, Quantum 60 Vcaps

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