Bentonite Clay (formerly Dragon Cleanse-LX), Quantum 60vcap

This unique formula features a special form of calcium bentonite complex to promoting excellent whole body detoxification. The rare, patent-pending form of calcium bentonite has been shown in numerous studies to provide excellent absorptive and absorptive detoxifica­tion support. It collects and eliminates a variety of environmental and living toxins. Promoting bowel health and mobility, Bentonite Clay (formerly Dragon Cleanse-LX) is great to use in intestinal cleansing programs or for daily intestinal support.

D3 Gold, Quantum .46 fl oz

Welcome to Vitamin D3 Serum! The worlds first natural, live source vitamin D supplement for the healthiest natural vitamin D3, free of toxic tagalongs. Aids in calcium absorption and supports many body systems including healthy bone, nerves, heart, brain, lung, esophagus, breasts, colon, stomach, pancreas, prostate, uterus, ovaries, kidneys.

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Daily Multi, Quantum 60Vcaps

This ideal, daily nutritional formula for the entire family is a once-living phytonutrient formula and contains every nutrient essential for life. This all-in-one supplement provides broad spectrum, natural nutrition for a quantum shift in energy, health, and vitality. Great for daily use by the whole family.

Delta Tocotrienol (formerly DeltaBoost), Quantum 60 softgels

DeltaBoost is the 21st century vitamin E. A key part of the vitamin E family consists of 4 tocotrienols – alpha, beta, gamma and delta, with the delta fraction providing significant properties for cardiovascular and circulatory health. Delta Boost provides super nutrients derived from Annato Flowers for superior cardiovascular and circulatory support.

Digest Kit

The best of the best! Some of our most popular products all it one kit. Superior digestive support to get you through the days with a happy belly and clear mind.

Kit (1) Quantum Digest 60
(1) Quantum HCL 90
(1) Quantum HCL Activator 90
Digest, Quantum 60Vcaps
Quantum Digest offers the most potent delivery available of plant-source enzymes to support and enhance the body’s own enzyme production. Quantum Digest is made using a breakthrough proprietary fermentation process using Aspergillus to yield the most highly purified, unheated, fully active enzymes for the most effective digestive support. Especially helpful when eating cooked food.

Plant DHA, Quantum 60Vcaps

At last, DHA from a high quality, pure plant source (from deep-sea marine algae) is now available. The Standard American Diet (SAD) simply does not provide adequate amounts of DHA (do¬cosahexaenoic acid) for the maintenance and development of healthy brain and nerve tissue for the majority of Americans. Feed your brain with plant source DHA, a key Omega-3 fatty acid, important for the brain, nervous system, eyes, and cardiovascular function.

Vitamin D3 + K2, Quantum 30Vcaps

Quantum Vitamin D3+K2 offers  premier bone and heart support.  This product contains D3, K2, and Vitamin E for superier bone & joint support, and relief from pain.  Also helps in the absoprition of Calcium to the bones, to help with Osteoperosis!

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Quantum State-Nutrients Without the Risk
• No Magnesium Stearate, a toxic hydrogenated oil proven to suppress the immune system
• No Animal Glandular's, with toxic tag-alongs and animal death hormones
• No Tablets with toxic tag-along binders and fillers
• No Excipients, highly questionable (often toxic) fillers and binders called excipients are commonly added to nutritional products
No Corn, Junk milk, soy(few products have Soy Extracts), white salt, white sugar, wheat gluten, yeast, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or gluten.

100% Living Source
-No Synthetics!
100% Solvent Free Vegetable Cellulose Capsules.
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