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GallBladder Flush Kit - Mini

GallBladder Flush Kit - Mini

GallBladder Flush Kit - Mini

Brand Quantum Nutrition Labs
Kit (1) Colosan 200grams
(1) NutriWest Phos-Drops
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This is the slim version of the Gallbladder flush kit as found at: Gall Bladder Flush Kit: Flush out gall stones! A key advantage of the full kit is the promotion of bile flow that the additional herbs supply. When the Gall Bladder is congested with stones, for most people even the bile ducts are impacted. So, the liver and gallbladder need promoting to activate and stimulate the production of bile.

You change the oils and filters in your car? Why not your body... at least once!
More then 300,000 gall bladders are removed yearly in the United States!  At what hospitals charge, this is Big money!  What they don’t share is:  You can  Flush yours out before they become a problem! 
Improves energy, Vitality, and zest for life!
Detoxification (no more rotting stones in your liver!!)
Digestion, improves bile flow; helping constipation and downward flow.
Enjoy clearer thinking, memory and easeful thoughts; shed liver anger.  
Revitalize and free your system of the old past!
Promotes clear and healthy skin, hair and nails
Restore ideal fat digestion
When I was 25 years old I did this cleanse 4 times, getting stones out each time. I ate up until that time, the SAD standard American diet.  Lots of meat - to much at once!  Both great factors for facilitating the growth of animal cholesterol crystals wrapped around a parasite carcass we call a gall stone.  Yuck!  Each time I did this cleanse I felt powerful improvements in health and well being. When I think about it… My gall bladder was impacted with rotting bile and old nasty material, as it could never fully expel its contents with that many rocks in it.  I was always sluggish, sickly and full of cravings.
Gall Stones From a Cleanse
Yes, this is a bit disgusting, but this is a bowl of gall stones!
It is so delightful to be free of them!

This cleanse is fundamental to restoring & maintaining good health and supporting all of the body’s organ systems. Some consider it to be the greatest single program towards this goal. Chiefly, the liver filters and breaks down toxins & chemicals and processes fats & cholesterol. Clearing the congestion, these and other 600 plus functions the liver performs may improve. After the liver flush you may notice a general feeling of well being, clearer thinking, fat loss, dramatically lower cholesterol levels, lessened allergies, improvements in eyesight & greater inner peace. Obviously, since the liver will be able to function better, any area of your health may improve, and all healing or detox programs should work better. It is strongly recommended before fasting. Gallbladder operations can many times be avoided.

This liver flush is safe, fairly easy, and very effective, with little or no detoxing reactions.  Ortho Flush Drops soften the stones and helps them float. The additional olive oil dramatically improves the effectiveness of the action the liver takes when it moves the stones around, and pushes them up and out. The Colosan (a blend of magnesium oxides), serves a dual purpose of doing a great job of opening up the bile ducts, while also preparing the colon to quickly cleanse and move the toxins and “stones” out of the body.

Ingredients to this simple and easy Cleanse:
Orthophosphoic Acid

Add On Components:
Liver Complex: For post cleanse liver harmonizing
Premier Olive Oil: Highest Quanlty Olive Oil Available

What you'll Need
6-8 lemons or 1pint raw apple cider vinegar
8oz Quality Olive oil
2-4 Grapefruits
1 gallon Apple juice

No Fasting Required


*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Consult your doctor if you need.

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