Inflammation is quite the buzz word lately. Everything from heart disease to cancer, allergies and obesity has been linked to it. Today modern medicine considers chronic inflammation to be the main contributing factor to all chronic degenerative diseases, and the root cause of the two greatest killers in America: Cancer and Heart Disease.

What is inflammation?
The word inflammation comes from Latin inflammatio, meaning to set on fire. Inflammation is a complex biological response of the body to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cell, or irritants. It is a protective attempt by the system to remove injurious or threatening agents as well as start the healing process for the infected tissue. In the absence if inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal and progressive destruction of the tissue would compromise survival.
Inflammation come is in two forms: acute or chronic.

Acute inflammation
The acute type of inflammation takes place as an initial response of the body to harmful stimuli. It involves the mobilizations of plasma (the yellow-colored liquid component of blood) and white blood cells from the blood into injured tissue. Some cells produce free radicals in order to aid in the destruction. This is all okay. We want this to happen.

Chronic inflammation
A golden rule with chronic inflammation: Chronic inflammation = infection. Chronic (prolonged) inflammation we don’t want. Chronic inflammation is a progressive shift in the type of activity going on at the site of inflammation. You get simultaneously destruction and healing of the issue but a harmful free-radical encroachment into healthy surrounding tissue. The destruction continues and it can seriously harm you. While obviously free radicals have an important role in the immune response, problems arise when the process fails to wind down completely after the job is done. They continue attacking and oxidizing healthy tissue. The immune system switches into overdrive sending in more white bloods cells that produce even more free-radicals.

If infection is present, a personalized recommendation is highly advised.  The exact remedy, dosage and length of treatment cannot be guessed.  As there are usually many lifecycles to most infections, it is important to treat the infection properly to completely eradicate it from the system.
For Remote Testing: Remote Clinic: Bio-assessment

Major Contributing Factors to Chronic Inflammation
  • #1 is Chronic infection
  • Mineral Deficiency
  • Faulty Digestive Function
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid Deficiency
  • Weak Immune System
  • Antioxidant Deficiency
  • Electron Deficiency

  • Mineral Deficiency/Acidic pH

    The body requires sufficient alkaline minerals in order to carry out many chemical reactions, communications and functions. Almost all chronic illness and inflammation takes place in a body that has become acidic due to the gradual depletion of its mineral reserves. While an acidic environment is hostile for body tissue, infection thrives in an acidic environment helping make stubborn chronic infection possible. Replenishing alkaline minerals and establishing the ideal pH is The First Step To Great Health!

    Proper digestion is imperative to healthy human function. Faulty digestion can be a huge contributing factor to most ailments including chronic inflammation. First of all, hydrochloric acid in the stomach, besides being a key part of breaking down our food properly, is also the first line of defense for foreign microbes invading our system through our food. Due to mineral deficiencies and forcing our bodies to digest heavy, complex, chemical laden, processed and overcooked food of the modern diet, the HCL production for most people has become insufficient. Stagnation in the GI tract can cause accumulation of toxins, breed infection, weaken the immune system and support systemic imbalance and inflammation in various parts of the body. See more here: The 2nd Step to Quality Health!

    Omega 3 Oils
    The proper ratio between Omega 3 fatty acid and the omega 6 fatty acids is crucial. Too many omega 6 fatty acids and too few Omega 3 fatty acids promote chronic inflammation. Enough Omega 3’s reduces inflammation. See EFA Oil Blend, Q. 8oz Liquid

    Immune Response
    For superior immune response in regards to inflammatory concerns check out: Immune Support, Quantum 60vcps which supports healthy inflammatory balance and pain relief. If bone and join inflammation is a concern for you check out Bone & Joint Complex, Q. 60Vcaps which support immune response and contains anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Antioxidants are nutrients that can quench free radicals as well as prevent and cleanup cellular damage in our bodies by supplying missing electrons. Antioxidants are found in a variety of plants and are essentially their immune systems. Antioxidant content of US produce has declined by 50% in just the last 20 years.

    Some choices of antioxidants:
    Greens Mix, Quantum 150 Vcaps- Contains ample amounts of all the vitamins and minerals needed for human health including a number of antioxidants including vitamin E, A and C. A good broad basic.
    DeltaBoost Quantum 60 softgels- A particularly good choice of antioxidants for inflammatory concerns. Contains 100 different antioxidants 6,000 times greater than Vitamin E.
    Resveratrol, Quantum 2oz - Another great anti-oxidants as it can quench every free radical that might exist in our bodies!

    Electron Deficiency
    Our bodies rely on obtaining a multitude of free electrons that are emanating from the earth. Free radicals are positively charged (lacking one or more electrons) and hungry for electrons. Free electrons from the earth are blocked by pavement, plastic, rubber, wood, carpets and more. Since the 1960's, when the plastic/rubber soled shoe (not conductive of electrons) replaced the leather soled shoe (conductive of electrons), we have rapidly become severely electron deficient as a population. Some experts state that this is one of the largest causes of modern chronic ailments.

    To learn how you can get more free electrons see: Earthing Kit


    Bone & Joint Support, Quantum 60Vcaps

    Experience a quantum leap in superior bone and joint health, pain relief, anti-inflammation, and improvement in strength, endurance and flexibility.*Bone and Joint Support offers nutrition for every aspect of the connective tissue, with core nutrients to bring health to the fine joints and muscles as well. Promotes bone and joint rejuvenation and alkalinization.*


    HCL Detox Kit, Quantum (3 Bottles)

    HCL Detox Kit, (HCL & HCL Activator) Excellent cleansing system. Encourages detoxification of the toxins stored in our fat cells, thus improving the potential for the body to shed the toxins and the fat itself.

    Kit (2) Quantum HCL 90
    (1) Quantum HCL Activator 90
    Vitamin D3 + K2, Quantum 30Vcaps

    Quantum Vitamin D3+K2 offers  premier bone and heart support.  This product contains D3, K2, and Vitamin E for superier bone & joint support, and relief from pain.  Also helps in the absoprition of Calcium to the bones, to help with Osteoperosis!

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