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Pine Needle Oil, Red Korean 120 Capsules-400mg

Pine Needle Oil, Red Korean 120 Capsules-400mg

Pine Needle Oil, Red Korean 120 Capsules-400mg

Brand Live Pine

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Red Korean Pine Needle Oil

The cleansing effect of the pine oil is one of the few cleansers capable of penetrating the blood brain barrier, thus helping to rid the brain of heavy metals, toxins, parasite wastes and rancid fatty lipids. Also, bringing this cleansing action to the rest of the body, one will find improvements in health and the well being high that accompanies this sort of life style.

It is recommended that one go slowly with this as it can promote a cleansing reaction. After two weeks at one pill a day many people experience a cleansing flush from their bowels. This is the cleansing promotion of the Pine Oil, that helps rid the body of rancid fats (taken in from eating animal fats, burnt or old oils), and even parasitic wastes.

Taken once per day for the first few weeks, it allows the body to become acclimated and for the initial detox to occur. After that, twice per day dosage is recommended.   One can gradually increase their dosage slowly over weeks to increase the depth of detoxification.  

Ancient medicine revisited and revitalized.
Pine Needle Oil is the most potent cleanser I have found. Anti-bacterial Anti-microbial Anti-fungal, and the most power and penetrating Antioxidant. This makes Pine Oil very powerful in treating Candydia, and parasites, fungus issues, bacterial infections.

QNH Notes
In my years of cleansing, fasting, and nutritional building. Pine Needle oil is the second most powerful event(next to flushing out gall stones See: Gall Bladder Flush Kit: Flush out gall stones!). There has been an experiencing of vast energy level improvements, centered and improved concentration and spiritual clarity, penetrative perception. Over a period of months, After slowly rising to 9 pills a day, my skin has become much more clear and healthy looking; there is a feeling of improved strength and fitness.

Possible Drug Interactions: No interactions have been reported.  
Special Information If You Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding: do not consume. This is not the time for deep cleansing. Rather pregnancy and breastfeeding is the time for building. Consider our: Childrens Foundation Kit

Nutritional Analysis:
The most recent studies of the chemical components found in Pine Needle Oil indicate it has protein, Vitamin A, Carotene and Iron, which are all required by the human body to function properly. Rutin, found in Pine Needles, is thought to be the compound that cleans blood vessels, according to the researchers. The chemical components of Pine Needle Oil include monoterpene hydrocarbons, such as a-pinene, 3-carene, dipentene, b-pinen, D-limonene, a-terpinene, g-terpinene, cis-b-ocimene, myrcene, camphene, sabinene, and terpinolene (Schulz et al, 1998). Other constituents include bornyl acetate, borneol, 1,8-cineole, citral terpineol, T-cadinol, T-muurolol, a-cadinol, cayophyllene, chamazulen, butyric acid, valeric acid, caproic acid, and isocaproic acid (Leung and Foster, 1996).

Supplement Facts
Pine Needle Oil (Pinus densi flora)-Gelcap
Pine Needle Oil - Bottle : (400mg x- 120 gelcap per bottle)
Ingredient : 97% Pine needle Oil, 3% Tocoperol.
Manufacturered by Green Food Development Co., Ltd in Korea.
Pine Needle Oil (Solnara brand) was tested by USDA..


Product Dosage :
Take one (1) gelcap per day after meal in first 1~2 weeks, and increase dosage to two(2)~three(3) gelcap a day taking one morning and one per every after- meal. Pine Needle oil should be taken regularly or 3 months to see noticeable results.
Special Cautions:
Pine needle oil is a powerful cleanser.
For sensitive individuals Pine Needle Oil can aggravate existing conditions through promoting the release of toxins.  It is a good idea to buffer against the release of toxins by maintaining a healthy pH (please refer to: Perfect pH).  Functional Detox organs are advised before progressing into advanced levels of pine oil.  Consider Liver & GallBladder Support to get the liver flowing properly and be sure to protect your kidneys if they are weak by supporting them with:  Kidney Complex, Quantum 60vcap.  This is advised before consuming high amounts of pine oil.

*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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