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Quantum Nutrition Effect

Quantum Nutrition Effect

Using Quantum-State Nutrients To Make a Quantum Leap to Great Health
Only “Quantum-State Quality”* phytonutrients are capable of promoting the most rapid shift to ideal cellular resonance for targeted organs and glands in the body, thus helping to achieve a quantum leap to great health.
Together, the effect of truly synergistic (genuinely compatible) nutrients is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits by a factor of 2 to 100-fold or more: The Quantum Nutrition Effect (QNE).
Example: the total antioxidant value for Slim-Body Whey Protein Blend 13oz exceeded the sum of its individual antioxidant components by a factor of 2 (measured by an advanced, independent British laboratory capable of assaying fat and water-soluble antioxidants simultaneously – not available in the U.S.)

Quantum-State Phytonutrients
*These are highly unique in that they are from “once-living” sources which have been exquisitely well grown in fertile soil with clean air and pure water without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fumigants and naturally fertilized without the use of commercial, synthetic fertilizers.
They are free of non-nutritive or toxic additives such chemical additives, preservatives, flowing agents, binders, glues or other toxic tagalongs. They are harvested at peak potency, then stored and packaged under ideal conditions before consumption.

The Cellular Resonance Effect
Exciting research over the last 30 years has shown that the outer membrane structure of every cell in the body is a unique, semi-crystalline matrix. This means that every one of the trillion plus cells in your body has an ideal resonant frequency, much like a crystal glass that rings its own special note when struck.

The Harmonic Resonance Effect
The consequences of this stunning discovery of resonant frequencies is enormous. It is a secret key that unlocks the hidden door to why some ill people can quickly regain their health – and others can’t. This discovery reveals why the ideal resonant frequency of each cell can only be sustained or regained by consuming nutrients that are also at their ideal resonant frequencies.
This dynamic interaction between the cell and the nutrient creates a highly beneficial, harmonic resonant effect in which the cell is able to ingest not only the nutritional factors but can also absorb the higher resonant frequencies embedded in the nutrient.

Falling Out of Cellular Harmony
In contrast, consuming nutrients that are synthetic or that have degraded resonant frequencies (from nutrients that have been poorly grown, pesticided, contaminated with chemical additives, etc.) will necessarily dampen your own cell’s resonant frequency and if consumed repeatedly, will result in a lowered frequency (meaning poorer vitality) of the cell.
The “Seems Good But Isn’t” Hypothesis
The irony of this situation is what we call the “Seems good but isn’t” hypothesis. German research shows that consuming a synthetic or degraded nutrient may initially stimulate the cell’s DNA and initially, produce an enhanced effect – so it “seems good.”
However, their research showed that after initial stimulation, the DNA of the cell then deteriorated faster. So the initial effects of degraded nutrients (such as feeling better, etc.) were actually short-lived and encouraged more rapid aging of the DNA and consequently, of the cell. This is why we call it the “Seems Good But Isn’t” hypothesis.
Quantum-State Quality
The only nutrients on earth truly capable of allowing the body to regain and sustain its ideal cellular resonance are those that were once living and were grown under ideal conditions, then harvested at peak potency and lastly, stored and packaged in a toxic-free, protective environment – in short, what we call “quantum-state quality.”
Unfortunately, with today’s widespread pollution of the air, water and soil in the U.S., nutrients that have been grown at their ideal resonant frequencies are rare. In fact, in our independent research of over 5,000 sources of various nutrients, less than 1% of all nutrients (including plants, herbs, microflora, etc.) grown in the U.S. meet our criteria for achieving their ideal resonant frequencies.
The “Body of Light”
Ground-breaking experiments by German bio-physicist Dr. Fritz-Alpert Popp of the University of Kaiserlautern and others have demonstrated a release of “light” emanates from healthy cells, which is not normally visible to the naked eye (except for intuitive individuals) but easily quantified by highly sophisticated German optical equipment. This radiant field or “body of light” around a molecule distinguishes living from non-living substances.
Natural vs. Synthetic
After struggling to define natural vs. synthetic, we can now understand the difference between these two sources of nutrition. If natural-source nutrients are of quantum quality (i.e. exquisitely well grown and without toxic tagalongs), then the cell is able to absorb both physical nutrients as well as the nutrient’s resonant frequencies. The cell can function at its optimal frequency and thus, live longer. In fact, the ONLY source that can allow the cell to achieve its ideal resonant frequency are natural-source, quantum quality nutrients.
Today’s Avalanche of Toxic, Ineffective “Junk”
A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA, winter, 1999) showed only 5 of 196 nutritional products randomly tested from health food stores proved to be both nontoxic and effective. The study found the other 191 products or about 97˝% to be either toxic, ineffective or both. Using this random study, this translates to a shocking, estimated 2˝% of nutritional products available in the marketplace that are worth buying at all (in other words, are able to meet a somewhat relaxed criteria of being both nontoxic and effective).
The Hopes and the Hypes
Many practitioners who use nutritional products may have experienced some initial benefits for themselves or their patients with certain products, only to find later, that these same products simply do not live up to the magnificent results so often quoted in the scientific literature. So many become resigned to the “at least it’s better than nothing” attitude regarding nutritional products, never realizing that true, quantum quality nutrients are available in product form which have been proven to achieve the Quantum Nutrition Effect.
Many nutritional products manufactured today do NOT incorporate the discoveries regarding cellular resonance and the Quantum Nutrition Effect. Although the initial effect of taking these products might appear somewhat beneficial, over time as they continue to be used, they may actually impede the body’s overall health due to their ineffective nature and/or toxic tagalongs, unbeknownst to practitioner or patient.
Glandulars: Herbal or Animal?
Studies in the 1950’s showed that a specific animal organ or glandular, such as a raw beef liver, could be absorbed by humans and directly influence and benefit the same organ or glandular tissue of the human. However, organ or glandular tissue from lower-order animals can never restore ideal resonant frequencies for a higher-order animal (i.e. humans), because the cells of the lower-order animal are not at the same ideal resonant frequencies as human cells.
Commercial Animal Tissue: High Contaminants
In addition, today’s commercially fed animals are notorious for containing high levels of contaminants (i.e. synthetic hormones, antibiotic residues and risk of mad cow disease). This means that consuming organ or glandulars represent great stress on human digestive and eliminatory organs due to the bio-accumulated toxins and any diseases the animal may have had. In addition, questionable processing and preserving media is used for animal organ and glandular tissue (ie, use of high salt, freeze-drying and toxic preservatives).
Death Hormones
Also, the method of death of the animal is highly significant (typically mass slaughter lines in which the animal experiences great fear and trauma right before death) thus releasing the so-called “death hormones” into its tissues at the time of death; these toxic hormone residues are rarely addressed and may directly work to interfere with human hormone balance.
Studies show that these “stress hormones” in animal tissue can negatively affect human tissue.When either plant or animal products are consumed, they must first be digested or broken down into tiny particles that can be absorbed through the intestine. Only when these foods are in their raw state, do they contain all the enzymes necessary for their digestion and usually represent little or no stress to the digestive organs of healthy humans.
Herbal Glandulars: The Superior Choice for Ideal Cellular Resonance
When truly synergistic herbal nutrients are combined, they can precisely match ideal cellular resonance for a particular human organ or gland. These herbal nutrients must be obtained from extremely high quality sources and be completely clear of bio-accumulated toxins, and disease risk free.
They can then be readily prepared by resonance-preserving technology, such as low-temperature air-drying, thus retaining all their raw enzymes, delicate glycoside bonds, etc. These targeted herbal nutrients are far safer and dramatically much less metabolic burden to the human body than the use of animal organs and glandulars.
In long-term use, commercial animal glandulars (tainted with synthetic hormones and antibiotics), either alone or in combination can disturb the cell’s function and later, suppress function. For those people who are severely deficient in nutriture, animal glandular products may be helpful initially, but are best represented as a “transitional” product, not to be used long term.
Combining Quantum-State Nutrients:
The Master QNE Effect

An amazing discovery is that when you combine “Quantum-State Quality” nutrients together in the same formula, you can achieve a higher resonant harmonic frequency than if they were used individually. In contrast, animal organs or glandulars, while temporarily helpful, can never achieve a higher resonant frequency – either alone or in combination.
*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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• No Excipients, highly questionable (often toxic) fillers and binders called excipients are commonly added to nutritional products
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