Sleep Aids

Sleep is considered Vital Nutrition. 
A good nights sleep can go so far as we all know.  Waking up feeling refreshed and having enough energy to make it through the day is so valuable.  The unfortunate reality is that few people get enough quality sleep.  This means deep, uninterrupted sleep for at least 5 hours.  This is how much time it takes for the adrenals to recover and produce enough hormones to get you hopping through the day.
While also being a powerful antioxidant, melatonin is a great tool to establish healthy sleep patterns when our previous life style has been chaotic.  Healthy sleep pattern is to be asleep at or around 10:00pm, waking at 6-7:00am.  Melatonin is not a “knock our drug,” it will not compensate for chaotic behavioral patterns, but a way to establish a healthy  pattern and recover from travel.

Do Not Eat Three Hours Before Bed
Although you need your steady supply of nutrition throughout the day, do not eat solid food within three hours of bedtime. If you eat within three hours of bedtime, your food tends to rot or ferment in the digestive tract. In fact, late-night eating tends to make the body toxic and is one of the main reasons for accumulating more fat! Eating right before sleeping puts a big digestive burden on a body that wants to rest -- not digest. It’s a great way to wake up feeling tired and bloated. The worst of all is eating protein right before bed since it takes the longest to digest -- and thus zaps your energy the most.
Sleeping Through the Night.
Often, the inability to sleep 5 or more hours continuously is linked to frequent urination at night, which interrupts sleep. To support healthy sleep cycles, uninterrupted by the need to get up and urinate, the following two products can provide outstanding support: Quantum Multi-Pollen Complex (3Vcaps, breakfast and lunch, for 4 to 8 weeks) and/or Quantum Bladder Complex (3 Vcaps, breakfast and lunch, for 4 to 8 weeks).
Achieving Deep, Restful Sleep.
Some individuals may sleep for 5 hours or more continuously, but the quality of sleep is only a light sleep so they do not awake feeling refreshed. The ability to sleep deeply and soundly is regulated in large part by the gallbladder and liver meridians. To support deep, restful sleep, Gallbladder Nano-Detox (1 tsp. in 4 oz. water, after breakfast and dinner daily for 4 to 8 weeks) can promote improved gallbladder function to encourage healthy sleep cycles


Melatonin Drops, Quantum 2oz

The world’s first, natural-source, fully potent melatonin.* Melatonin is the hormone produced by the pineal gland at night to induce deep, restful sleep, which is the primary time when the body detoxes, rejuvenates, and restores itself. Melatonin has received substantial publicity for its ability to promote natural sleep patterns, stimulate the immune system, and decrease jet lag, as well as its role as a powerful antioxidant.


Quantum Sleep Kit

Good Sleep is a factor of health in general, and there are many ways we excite our system throughout the day; at the end of our busy days we can be so excited, sleep seems impossible. The two formulas in this kit are ideal for slowing our system down and invoking the onset of sleep. We highly encourage a regular routine for good sleep; and this kit is designed to help you achieve this.

Kit (1) Tranquility, Quantm 60Vcaps
(1) Melatonin PG 2oz
Sleep, Quantum 60 Vcaps

Tranquility is a neurotransmitter balancer for healthy mood, relaxation, and deep, restful sleep while supporting mental tranquility, calm mood, and focus throughout the day. It is nonaddictive and does not cause drowsiness.* This ancient formula provides support to our relaxation cycle of the day.


Super Nutrient Trio, Quantum Nutrition Labs

Three quantum-state products which contain every nutrient essential for optimal health, including broad-spectrum, quantum-state vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidant activities, enzymes, immune boosters and other phytonutrients*

Kit (1) Coral Calcium Plus, Quantum 90vcaps
(1) Quantum Greens 120vcaps
(1) EFA Liquid, Q. 8oz Liquid
Super Nutrient Trio: Kit B Powder/Liquid

Three quantum-state products which contain every nutrient essential for optimal health, including broad-spectrum, quantum-state vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidant activities, enzymes, immune boosters and other phytonutrients*

Kit (1) Coral Calcium Plus, Quantum 90 Vcaps
(1) Quantum Greens 8oz.
(1) Quantum EFA Liquid 8oz.
Gallbladder PG, Quantum 8oz Liquid

Gallbladder-PG is a live source, probiotic cultured botanical concentrate that delivers optimal gallbladder support as well as a deep-seated gallbladder cleansing/detox. Also used before & after Liver/Gallbladder Flush. Promotes bile flow which helps detox the liver and digest foods. Take before bed to calm liver and promote deep sleep.


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