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Jan 3, 2015
November Specials -Buy 2 Get 1 Free or 33% Off Multiples on Colostrum, Nucleotides, Turmeric and Olive Leaf!


Quantum Nutrition Labs November Specials...
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Olive Leaf Support

Olive Leaf Support

Superior Immune Support!

Olive leaf extract may be one of the most important anti-microbials ever discovered, with 6,000 years of use. It is reported to be effective against the whole infection spectrum, including retro-viruses such as HIV (AIDS), STDs and all known herpes viruses. Amazingly, it contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.

Special Price: $35.97 per 3 bottles (Regularly: $53.94 )


Amazing Benefits of Turmeric - The Super Antioxidant!

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a bright yellow tuber (as used in curry and mustard) that has been an important part of Eastern cultures. It has long been used for medicinal purposes in Asia to treat gastrointestinal upsets, arthritis pain, and fatigue. In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been used as a tonic for the digestive system and the liver; to dispel worms, strengthen the body, and dissolve gallstones; and for menstrual irregularity and arthritis. In old Hindu texts it is described as an aromatic, stimulant, and carminative (an agent that helps expel gas from the intestines and treats colic). Valued for its medicinal properties and warm, zesty flavor, Turmeric is quickly making a name for itself in the West.

Special Price: $31.89 per 3 bottles (Regularly: $47.85 )

Colostrum Caps

Colostrum Caps

The Immunity Booster!

How would you like to have an instant stand-in immune system? Colostrum, the pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers after birth, is ultra-rich in broad spectrum immune system boosters and natural growth factors. It has been shown to have a superior youth enhancing, anti-aging effect.

Special Price: $31.89 per 3 bottles (Regularly: $47.85 )



Stop colds and flu in one day (96% of the time)!

Nucleotides are tiny building blocks of RNA and DNA, which are the blueprints for every cell in your body. Each of your trillion plus cells contains 6 billion nucleotides. These building blocks are stored in a very limited quantity in the liver. Trauma, surgery, infection, and other stresses can rapidly deplete the body's stores of nucleotides. When depleted, rebuilding critical supplies of nucleotides to meet the body's demands can take several days, if not weeks.

Special Price: $49.89 per 3 bottles (Regularly: $74.85 )

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Unwanted spider veins?

  • Clinically proven nutritional formula to achieve and maintain optimal vein health and circulation, especially for the legs
  • Improve vein health by supporting vein wall tone, strength, and elasticity, as well as vein permeability
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Circulation Support

Circulation Support

Offers Superior Help for Blood Circulation & Associated Nerve, Heart & Arterial Health!

  • Maintains healthy coronary and brain blood flow, including integrity of coronary arteries
  • Promotes healthy male erectile function
  • Encourages optimal response to micro-artery stress/injury
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Highly Absorbable Magnesium!

  • Easily absorbed magnesium; slightly sweet taste
  • Designed to bring up magnesium levels and to sustain them, especially when there is low adrenal function which often leads to rapid excretion of magnesium
  • Used as a temporary fix while supporting rejuvenation of adrenal function
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Master Anti-Oxidant Liver & Immune Support!

  • Supports Phase I and II Liver Detoxification
  • Assists the body in removing chemicals, metals and other toxins
  • Supports immune system health
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