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Jan 3, 2015
July Monthly Specials Digest and QuantumZymes Buy 2 Get 1 Free
uantum Nutrition Labs July Specials...
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Welcome to Quality Natural Health
July Monthly Specials — Digest and QuantumZymes


Superior Digestive Support!
  • Plant-Source Enzymes
  • No risk of toxic prions from animal-source enzymes
  • Premier quality and unmatched enzymatic activity
  • Full Spectrum. A broad range of enzymes to support key digestive needs: fat, protein, starch, lactose, sugar and fiber

Premier quality and unmatched enzymatic activity. Rich, Organic Acid Substrate. Our enzymes are supported in a rich, organic acid substrate to enhance the body’s own capacity to produce enzymes. No tablets with toxic glues or binders, no animal gelatin capsules with risk of prion contaminants.

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Multi-Enzyme digestive support for protein and carbs!

Efficient digestion is one of the most important keys to great health.* This extraordinary plant-based enzyme formula supports the intestinal brush border cells to promote more complete digestion of carbohydrates and protein. Important for those who have used antibiotics for 3 months or more, or who want more specific immune support

Key Benefits:

  • Intestinal gas and flatulence
  • Bloating
  • Food reactivity
  • Better digest sugars, carbohydrates and proteins
  • Helps those who weren't breast fed and don't have enzymes to break down sugar
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Bladder Support

Bladder Support

Bladder Support for Healthy Bladder, and Urinary Tract Support!

  • Optimal cleansing, detoxification and nutritional support for the bladder, including the urinary tract and kidneys
  • Supports healthy urination process
  • Helps strengthen the kidneys, small intestine, bladder and urinary tract
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Circulation Support

Circulation Support

Superior Help for Blood Circulation & Associated Nerve, Heart & Arterial Health!

  • Promotes healthy micro-circulation of blood to peripheral tissues, including arms, legs, eyes, testicles, penis and other areas while supporting associated nerve, heart and arterial function
  • Encourages optimal response to microartery stress/injury and enhances the body's adaptive response to outer stressors such as heat, cold and over-exertion
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Hair, Skin and Nails

Hair, Skin and Nails

Wonderful new formula for strengthening our body's amazing extremities!

  • An important structural protein for skin, hair and nails
  • Solubilized to make it highly bioavailable
  • Effectively supports skin moisture, elasticity and compactness
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Iron Support

Iron Support

Natural-Source Iron for Healthy Blood!

  • Full-spectrum blood support formula
  • Highly bio-available, natural-source iron; does not promote free radical production such as inorganic (rock) forms of iron
  • Key blood factors: rich, natural sources of folic acid, B12, copper, chlorophyll and more
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Max Stress B

Max Stress B

The World's First Natural-Source B Vitamin Complex!

  • Highly active, "living" B vitamins in their end-chain forms which deliver high cellular resonance Other B vitamin products are typically synthetic with no cellular resonance
  • Maximum stress support, anti-aging, instantaneous energy boost, brain rejuvenation, heart health and mood balance
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Quantum State-Nutrients Without the Risk
• No Magnesium Stearate, a toxic hydrogenated oil proven to suppress the immune system
• No Animal Glandular's, with toxic tag-alongs and animal death hormones
• No Tablets with toxic tag-along binders and fillers
• No Excipients, highly questionable (often toxic) fillers and binders called excipients are commonly added to nutritional products
No Corn, Junk milk, soy(few products have Soy Extracts), white salt, white sugar, wheat gluten, yeast, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or gluten.

100% Living Source
-No Synthetics!
100% Solvent Free Vegetable Cellulose Capsules.
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Buy Two Get One Free (33% off)
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Digestive support power combo!

Don't eat another cooked meal without digest!

Quantumzymes helps with bloating.






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